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FATHER’S DAY – Coming soon* to a father near to you
*First Sunday in September  to be precise – that’s only 10 sleeps from today.

Chances are the dad in your life would like nothing better than an overseas holiday a quiet afternoon with a good book, and we’re here to help. We have many fabulous books in store, and below is a selection of the crème de la crème. You’ll find all of these, and more, in the Father’s Day Gift Ideas section on our website. And to make your shopping life even easier, we’ll be open on Sunday 30 August and 6 September from 11 till 3, as well as our usual hours.



THE WORLD AFLAME - The Long War. 1914-1945 compiled by Dan Jones and Marina Amaral

This is history of the wars brought to life as you’ve never seen it before. The book shows the conflict from the death of Archduke Ferdinand to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in 200 digitally remastered and colourised photographs. The narrative told by well-known British historian Dan Jones to Marina Amaral’s wonderful images weaves stories together in an unforgettable account of the four decades of conflict that shaped the world we live in today.
Hardback $55.00

WINE FOR NORMAL PEOPLE by Elizabeth Schneider
This apparently, is a guide for *real people* who like wine but not the snobbery that goes with it. Perfect for THAT man who feels the same. The author Elizabeth Schneider is the creator of the podcast Wine for Normal People. She’s also a certified sommelier, certified specialist of wine, MBA, wine educator and normal wine person.
Hardback $50.00

CLIFFHANGER by Julie Ellison
Journey upwards with Cliffhanger, a dizzyingly beautiful presentation of the people and places that make up the world of climbing. Using breathtaking imagery and in-depth stories, Cliffhanger gives you a complete look at the world of this outdoor pursuit--both as a sport and a lifestyle--by highlighting the people, places, history, and culture that make the activity so fascinating. Whether you've been doing it for a long time or have never climbed in your life, this book will make your palms sweat and your heart race.
Hardback $120


INTO THE UNKNOWN- The Secret  WWI Diary of Kiwi Alick Trafford no 25/469 by Ian Trafford
The author’s grandfather  hid his diaries in the ceiling cavity at his home and as he neared the end of his life asked his son to destroy it. Calling it “dynamite” as no soldier was permitted to keep a diary, this is a raw and emotional  story, not for the faint-hearted or for those bent on glory. As for  many returned soldiers, his psychological wounds would take a lifetime to heal. His grandson , Ian, who came across the diaries 40 years ago has reshaped  Alick’s words into gripping narrative knowing this was a story he had to tell.
PB $38.00

A riveting and illuminating story of  this Australian author’s extraordinary journey into the world of lions. He reveals the latest science surrounding the earth’s dwindling lion populations and their often surprising relationship to mankind.As he uncovers heartbreaking and astonishing accounts of individual lions, prides and habitats. Each chapter unfolds as both gripping campfire story and deeply researched exploration of larger mysteries in the natural world.
PB $37.00

TOUGH COUNTRY by Mike Bellamy
Mike Bellamy's father Barry is as tough as they come. Widely credited as the inspiration for Barry Crump's back-country character Sam Cash, Barry was a roving worker in rural North Island during the 50s, 60s and 70s. Tough Country is a book about a father by a son, about a bygone era of bushmen, scrub-cutters, hunters and shepherds. It's also a book about the author's own life working the land, and the characters of the 80s and 90s, from tradies and digger-drivers to drain-layers and wharfies.
PB $37.00

THE RODCHENKOV AFFAIR How I brought down Putin’s Secret Doping Empire by Dr Grigory Rodcnkov
As a leading chemical scientist and Director of the Moscow Anti- Doping Centre, the author was at the forefront of global efforts to detect cheating in sport. Yet, he was simultaneously running the most elaborate doping scheme in history, helping hundreds of athletes and elite players evade detection.Until the cracks started to show…this man is the one the Kremlin hoped would never talk.
PB $40.00 


A modern fable of loyalty and betrayal. Tim Parks has lived in Italy for over 40 years and some readers may have been charmed by his non-fiction about an Englishman learning to live in this complicated country. This novel looks at University life in the north where the institutions reflect society. In this case nepotism, bureaucracy and intrigue are intertwined. Thought provoking and beautifully observed  this a book that shows what makes Italians so Italian.
PB $40.00

STALIN’S WINE CELLAR by John Baker and Nick Place
The adventure of a lifetime to buy Stalin’s secret multimillion dollar wine cellar located in Georgia; this is the Raiders of the Lost Ark of wine – only better, because it’s based on a true story. It’s a wild, sometimes rough ride in the glamorous world of high-end wine. From Double Bay Sydney to Tbilisi Georgia, via the streets of Paris, the vineyards of Bordeaux and iconic Château d'Yquem. A multimillion dollar cellar and a breathtaking collection of wine (and one very expensive broken bottle) is the elusive treasure. The cast of characters include Stalin, Hitler, Tsar Nicholas II and a motley bunch of Georgian businessmen/cowboys toting handguns, in the early days of Russian business development that led to the world of Putin and oligarchs.
PB $40

ARKHANGEL by James Babazon
A brutally authentic, tense and terrifying thriller from bestselling author and frontline journalist James Brabazon. Officially, Max McLean doesn't exist. An off-the-books assassin for the British government, he operates alone. But when a routine hit goes badly wrong, a cryptic note on a $100 bill prised from his target's dead fingers suggests there's more to the mission than meets the eye. Is someone from Max's former life trying to send him a message? For fans of Lee Child and Greg Hurwitz.
PB $37

And of course we have a great range of Father's Day cards to choose from too.

See you soon!